OnPoint, LLC
  • Our Purpose

    Partner with clients to align vision, strategy and effort. By improving alignment, clients will increase agility, reduce risk and increase performance.
  • Moving from Aspirations to Results

    We focus on refining the tasks of management - that essential connection between strategy and execution. Through improvements in planning, budgeting, portfolio management, program management and business processes, our clients move from strategic aspirations to verifiable results.
  • Sample Engagements

    • Worked with a PMO director to establish portfolio management and governance to ensure the right projects are selected
    • Reviewed existing project management processes and identified specific initiatives to improve project alignment and execution
    • Defined a governance team's future state vision focusing on stakeholders rather than administrative activities
    • Identified performance metrics to provide senior leadership with improved visibility of portfolio risks and business value
    • Produced recommendations for customer-centric cross-functional teams to replace an existing function-based silo structure
  • Our Clients

    Clients include PMO directors, IT managers, and operational leaders. These are the people who "get it done" because they possess the subject matter expertise, institutional knowledge, and relationships that are essential to effect change and achieve organizational goals.
OnPoint, LLC