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Values – Aspiration vs. Reality

The Values section of business plans commonly mention customer focus and respect for others.  Unfortunately, it is a bit less common to see these values at work in the organizations.  Why is there such a difference between the plan and reality?  All too often, the values statements in the business plan are not consulted when making day-to-day staffing decisions.  Who is promoted, who is hired, and who is terminated?  The result of these decisions is commonly a management team that falls considerably short of the aspirations stated in the business plan.

Reflect on the attitudes and aptitudes of the key members of your management team, and consider the following:

  • Are they noted for their technical expertise rather than their understanding of the business or customers?
  • Do they employ distrustful or contemptuous language when describing their interactions with customers or colleagues?
  • Do they complain when customers change plans or priorities?
  • Do they excessively control the flow of information between their team members and the customer?
  • Would you characterize their personality as fault-finding rather than problem- solving?
  • Are they verbally abusive to those who report to them?

Decisions made in promoting people to leadership positions should be consistent with the strategic plans.  Otherwise, the entire organization will conclude that the plans are “merely words” and not to be taken seriously.

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