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Avoiding work – it’s not just for slackers anymore

One of the 12 principles of agile is, “Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done – is essential.” Those of us with Type-A personalities may feel uneasy with this principle because it seems to promote a slacker mentality.

As it turns out, simplicity requires a good deal of discipline. To achieve it, the product owner must scrupulously review the backlog to ensure that functionality with lower business value is de-prioritized. Simplicity may require the project manager resist a PMO-driven requirement for excessive documentation or develop a business case for implementing automated test tools. Simplicity will require that the developer clean up sloppy code and the tester avoid redundant test cases.

To become truly productive, we borderline workaholics need to put down the to-do list and get in touch with our inner slacker.

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