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It’s a tough life for a purist

As the agile movement has grown, there has been a corresponding growth in the lamentations of agile purists.  They weep over teams that perform manual acceptance testing, saying that they are not “truly agile.”  They grieve over teams with programmers who are split between new development and production support duties, and call them “scrum-buts.”  They mourn over organizations with formal change control processes, labeling them as “waterfall clingers.”

Perhaps it would be helpful for the purists to cease rending their garments, relax a bit and remember that the transition to agile should be driven by the needs of the business and will be constrained by existing culture and processes.  A mature organization in the financial services sector will transition at a different pace than a start-up software firm.   The agile principles (www.agilemanifesto.org/principles.html) should provide the vision for the transition and the practices should be allowed to evolve at a reasonable pace.

The agile purists will persist in their anguish while the rest of us find our own path to success.

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